Fraction Learner Menu Using Thinker Keys

Thinking is essential in math. I am always looking for ways to push the level of thinking of my math students beyond just calculating an answer. With Common Core, students are asked to show multiple representations and dig deeper into mathematical understandings. Using Tony Ryan's Thinker Keys, I designed this Learner Menu for students to use to push the level of conceptual understanding of fractions with some higher level thinking. The Learner Menu could be used after instruction has taken place on the key concepts. Notice how the criteria at the top of the menu asks students to demonstrate their mathematical thinking and understanding when completing the tasks. Also notice how there is not one right answer, and sometimes that answer is not "right there.

Thinker Keys are a tool teachers can use to embed thinking into any lesson. They can be used as part of a Learner Menu as seen here. Thinker Keys can start a lesson. To encourage Math Talk, Thinker Keys can be used as part of small group work. In 2005, Tony Ryan, a Learning Consultant from Australia, updated the Thinker Keys. The earlier version, which is used on this menu, helps to foster creative thinking while focusing on deeper understanding of the standards. If you would like to learn more about the Thinker Keys, click on the links below.
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