Math "Scrunchie" (aka Cootie Catcher) for Adding and Subtracting Time

Use this math "scrunchie" as a way to reinforce adding and subtracting time. I use the term "scrunchie" because we really aren't telling fortunes nor catching cooties when we use these in the math classroom :)! "Scrunchie" actually comes from the UK and that's what my students do when they use this foldable...they scrunch it together. Creative Teaching Press has published books using math cootie catchers to reinforce skills/concepts by grade level. The authors are Sharon L. Apichella and Mary D. Sutton. Using the one on time from the book and designing my own allowed me to address the different readiness levels of my students. I designed this "scrunchie" with a Common Core standard in mind for 3rd grade. When differentiating in the classroom, it is important that students have instruction and tools at their readiness levels. This kinesthetic and novel approach to reviewing skills can help to solidify understanding! Its self-checking nature provides students with immediate feedback. Click on the image below to grab a copy!

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