Need a Hand? Try This!

What can students do when they recognize they do not understand what to do in math? That is besides asking the teacher for help or saying "I don't get it." Students need strategies in math, just like in reading, to help them overcome the hurdles when understanding breaks down. I created these "Need a Hand? Try This" cards to provide students with strategies that they can try independently. You know that saying, "Ask three, then me." Well, using these strategies, the mantra can be, "Try three, then ask me."
I used die-cut handprints, labels, and a metal ring to make this resource for students to use. My goal is to have students persevere and be independent learners even when things do not come easy. These strategies can be modeled during think alouds so students understand what each strategy "looks like" and "sounds like." These strategies can empower students.

You can grab a copy of the strategies by clicking on the image below. Just use 1" x 2 5/8" labels when printing a copy. These strategies also can become part of students' math notebooks or used as part of a bulletin board display.
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