Get to Know Your Students as Mathematicians

Getting to know our students as mathematicians is important. Many of us may give our students reading surveys so we get to know our students as readers. Why not survey our math students to get to know them betters as mathematicians? Here are two different versions of a math survey that can help you to learn more about your students as mathematicians. Have students complete these survey charts by  filling in the height of the bars that best reflect them as mathematicians. My Math-o-Meter can be used by students to rank their comfort level with each of the concepts. To show what I know in math, I do best when I... can be used to tap into your aspiring mathematicians' learning styles. Use these charts in planning different learning opportunities for your students. Have your students tap into areas of strength and venture into areas that may not always be in the comfort zone.

If you click here you can find a post that includes a multiple intelligence survey similar to these. Start building learning profiles of your students early on and revisit them often to find multiple entry points of learning during different units of study.

What are some ways you get to know your students as mathematicians?

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