Two for Tuesday at Pam's Place

That's My Rule: Candy Machines with In/Out Boxes has two activities. Each activity has 10 cards with different function machines, otherwise known as Candy Machines in these activities. The cards target addition and subtraction to 20.

Candy Machine ~ What’s My Rule? is an activity designed to have students look for patterns and then identify the rule for the In/Out Boxes. 10 cards included. Math tools might be helpful for some students.

Candy Machine ~ Working or Broken? is an activity students really enjoy, especially when a Candy Machine is broken! For this set of cards, students have to determine if the pattern or rule for the Candy Machine is followed for each set of numbers in the In/Out Boxes. More than one set of numbers might make a Candy Machine broken. 10 cards included. Math tools might be helpful for some students.

This is a DEAL. Check out these Mathematician Posters. I am participating in two online book studies this summer: Teaching Numeracy, 9 Critical Habits to Ignite Mathematical Thinking by Margie Pearse and K. M. Walton at Math Coach's Corner and Guided Math in Action by Dr. Nicki Newton at Adventures in Guided Math and have math on the mind. Don't we want all our students to see themselves as mathematicians?! These mini posters could be that visual reminder ;)! 

Students as Mathematicians Mini Posters can be used to create a bulletin board to remind students they are mathematicians. Pass out the mini posters to students and have them role play what being a mathematician looks like and sounds like in the classroom. Keep a set of mini posters available during small group instruction to point out positive math behaviors or to support learners. Use the posters to anchor in good habits of mind when learning math. 

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