Two for Tuesday

Check out Let's Have a Ball in Math! You will find three activities that target problem solving, computation, divisibility, and order of operations. Some of the tasks allow for more than one right answer...and some may require students to demonstrate some perseverance.

Skill levels vary within the tasks so you can differentiate based on student readiness. Have a Ball Problem Solving has eight different task cards. Some of the cards allow for multiple answers. Problem solving and finding combinations can be found on some of the cards too. Beach Ball Round Up has two different number mats that students can use. The recording sheet asks students to create problems that satisfy certain conditions using the numbers found on the beach balls on the number mats. Guess and Check is a strategy my students used for some of these problems. Be on the Ball...And Hit the Target is an activity with students practicing order of operations.

These back to school activities can engage students as they settle into a new school year. The Gumball Glyph is a craftivity that can help students get to learn more about each other. The Summer Sub is a writing craftivity that allows students to reflect on their summer. It is also a great piece to share with parents to see what their children remembered most about their summer!

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