Two for Tuesday!

Perimeter, Area, Volume...Oh, my! includes Poke and Check cards along with three anchor mats for perimeter, area, volume. The Poke and Check cards can be used in a center or hung up around the room for students to walk-the-room and review these concepts. I also have used the cards where students use markers to put on each paint splat and then check with the answer key. So many different ways to use these cards.

Along with the Poke and Check cards are three anchor mats. I *LOVE* using these anchor mats with my students. I use them in many different ways. I use anchor mats before learning as a preassessment, during learning to add information, and/or after learning as a summative piece. What I really like about these anchor mats is students use them as a resource throughout the year. It makes them accountable for their own learning when they "get stuck." I encourage students to fill out the anchor mats using pictures, symbols, and words. Students can fill out the sections using their prior knowledge, as well as information learned during instruction, from picture books, from math resource books, or from online resources. This tool allows students to conceptually develop a working definition/ understanding of perimeter, area, and volume.

Calling all Bill Peet book lovers!! Check out this product that helps students take a closer look at author, Bill Peet. Add a little twist to a traditional author study with this download. Although this author study is based on the author and books of Bill Peet, it can be adapted and used with other authors!

Bill Peet's books are known for their figurative language. Have students go on a scavenger hunt through his books and find examples of similes, alliteration, and personification to name a few. Have students complete  a Five Star Rating where students evaluate one of Bill Peet's books and then defend their reasoning.  A friendly letter writing activity is included where students choose to write a letter from the point of view of one character to another character from another book. Students can complete The Important Thing summary about what they learned about Bill Peet and his books. Every time you read a Bill Peet book, it seems like you find something new/different.

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