Get to Know Your Students as Mathematicians

Getting to know your students as mathematicians can help with differentiation in the math class. As teachers, we gather data about our students through observations, class performance, and assessments. We also can learn about students by asking them to reflect upon themselves as mathematicians.

Below you can find three surveys students can fill out to reflect who they are as learners. Students simply shade in the heights of the bars in terms of how much each column relates to them. Add the element of color and display to spotlight learners as mathematicians. This metacognitive reflection on behalf of students can go a long way. When completing these surveys, students are creating a voice and leaving an imprint for themselves as learners. Use these charts in planning different learning opportunities for your students. Have your students tap into areas of strength and venture into areas that may not always be in their comfort zone.

These surveys can be shared with parents as well to help them see their child's perception of himself/herself as a learner.

Having students fill these surveys out at the beginning of the year, middle of the year, and end of the year can help students reflect on changes they may have seen occur throughout the year. Students can be challenged to create goals to become more comfortable in areas that may not be their strengths.

My Math-o-Meter can be used by students to rank their comfort level with each of the concepts.

The Math Survey can be used to tap into your aspiring mathematicians' learning styles.

The To Show What I Know... survey can be used for students to view themselves through a different lens and not just as mathematicians.

What are some ways you get to know your students as mathematicians?

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