Different Strategies for Different Learning Styles

V-A-K. Visual. Auditory. Kinesthetic learning styles. In any classroom, students gravitate to one of these three learning styles over the others. When presenting information, it is helpful to present information and engage learners using all three styles. In the image below, see how vocabulary and standard instruction can be differentiated by learning style.

For visual learners create learning experiences driven by pictures, images, and other visual aids. How might these ideas be used as a springboard for presenting other content in a visual manner?

To read more about Eye on the Target to support problem solving click here.

For auditory learners offer many varied opportunities where listening is the modality to hook students into the content. Storytelling can be used to launch a new topic or to synthesize a lesson. Picture books are a great segue into a lesson as is oral storytelling.

If you teach customary measurement conversions click here to grab the story and the story pieces for The Land of Gallon.

For kinesthetic learners have students engage in hands-on experiences and activities that offer students the chance to get up and move around. To grab a copy of some kinesthetic activities to support vocabulary instruction click here.

How do you integrate these three learning styles into your classroom?

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