Resource Ideas to Use for Small Group Instruction and Centers in the Math Classroom

After recently doing a session with some teachers on guided math, one area that is of interest is resources. Questions I hear are: What do I use for students during small group instruction? What resources do I use for those students I am not working with? Let me share a view that might work for you. I included links below to some sites you might find beneficial for your students.

First and foremost, I recommend looking at the curricular resources your district supports. Sometimes there might be an untapped gem you can use that you simply cannot "fit" into your normal instruction routine. Are there any center activities or games or technology resources or virtual manipulatives that students can use to grapple, explore, and strengthen their skills as mathematicians? Sometimes these types of resources can be used for recycling skills. Think about repurposing what is already available to you in the district curriculum.

Technology sites such as MobyMax, KhanAcademy, Johnnie's Math Page, and Mr. Anker Tests are some resources that can be used to scaffold student learning while providing some independence, differentiation, and feedback. Do you have any other technology resources useful to your students? Share in the comments below.

Some additional resources that can be used to extend standards include Illustrative Math and K-5 Math Teaching Resources (some free resources available).

These are just a few of the go-to resources when something is needed in a pinch to develop learning experiences for students in small groups.

Hope you find something that might help your mathematicians.

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