Graphic Organizers for Math Vocabulary

Use graphic organizers for math vocabulary to deepen understanding of key math vocabulary words in the math classroom. Here are a few FREE printable graphic organizers for vocabulary that you can download by CLICKING ON THE IMAGES.

The Frayer Model helps students to develop a deeper understanding of complex concepts and can be modified and differentiated to address the readiness levels of your students. Depending on the focus of learning,  the descriptors in the Frayer Model can be changed. Once students have used this graphic organizer with various different descriptors, give students a blank organizer. Then have students fill in the descriptors that they feel will help them best learn the essential vocabulary.

A concept definition map can help students conceptually understand a word by looking at it through different lenses. 

Connect Two is a strategy that can help students see associations and connections between different words. Take two words from the math word wall and see if students can look beyond the literal definitions of these words. Why not try connecting three words sometimes? This strategy can help students to develop associations and see the interconnectedness of math vocabulary.
Along with using graphic organizers for teaching vocabulary also using a math word wall can help to foster vocabulary development. If you are looking for a resource that has cards to use for a math word wall, click here: Math Vocabulary Cards.

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