Math Conference and a Freebie

Happy Teacher Appreciation Week! 

I recently attended the Wisconsin Math Conference in Green Lake, WI. What an excellent opportunity to listen to great speakers and network with amazing people. My brain is overflowing with math. If you are looking for some online math games to reinforce and revisit math skills, check out Hooda Math. The games are free and there is no registration. Games span a wide range of topics from grades K to high school. Something for everyone!!

I also attended a session on Cognitively Guided Instruction (CGI). It is not a curriculum; rather it is an approach to teaching math. When problem solving, it is important to encourage students to solve problems in a way that makes sense to them using the math tools they feel will be most helpful. Gone are the days of scripted methods for students. When using CGI, authentic problem solving scenarios can be created with children's literature and real world context. Students' readiness levels can be addressed by varying the type of numbers used in problems. Check out this website to learn more about Cognitively Guided Mathematics Instruction: Closing the Math Achievement Gap. Some great CGI classroom videos are on the site to see students thinking about math. Check out the Cookie Jar fraction problem here. Watch the first 1:45 minutes to see how a student solves the fraction problem without using an algorithm.

Who doesn't like ice cream?!?! Also you will find a Roll-a-Cube for Figurative Language that students can use to get their creative juices flowing while reviewing different types of figurative language. These activities can be used in a writing center or as a whole group activity where students can share their ideas.

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