You Oughta Know: A Blog HOP ~ Symbaloo and Websites TOO

Come join us on the You Oughta Know Blog Hop.


Something you Oughta Know for your classroom is Symbaloo. Symbaloo is a way to bookmark websites using tiles that you can color code and organize.

You can then embed the Symbaloo into a blog or create a link so others can visit. This site can be used used by teachers to organize all those wonderful websites, it can be used by students when you want them to visit certain sites for exploration, enrichment, or remediation, and it can be used by presenters to share featured sites with their audience. can keep your Symbaloo boards private.

Check out a Symbaloo I created for a work session on differentiation that I was able to embed into my blog. Simply click on a button...and travel to that site. Feel free to visit some of the links. Go ahead... EXPLORE... I will share some of my favorites below.

Have you tried out Rewordify? Rewordify takes a complex passage and rephrases it using simpler
wording. The site is undergoing an update soon but for now check it out!

Another favorite of mine is Wonderopolis! Who doesn't have a wonder? Great way to provide some differentiation based on interest. Check out this site and see how you might use it with your students.

Here is another Symbaloo I created that you can visit by clicking on this link:  Symbaloo for Technology.

Now how can you create one? Visit the Symbaloo site: You will need to sign up for a free account. They do have an education version but that is not free. Click here to view a quick video on how to set up a Symbaloo wall. This video is just the basics to get you started!

If you give it a try, I would love to hear how it goes or consider sharing your journey. Hope you found this stop on the blog hop helpful...whether it was a site you explored or a Symbaloo wall you are going to build.
Don't forget to go back to the hop and see more great ideas you oughta know that other bloggers are sharing!
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