5 Ways to Teach Prepositions to Make them Stick

Prepositions, those little words that show the relationship between a noun or a pronoun and other words in a sentence, can sometimes challenge students. They are small words that can be used in different contexts. They are tiny words that can go unnoticed yet are important in connecting parts of a sentence together. With the right activities, prepositions can become a fun and engaging part of the language learning journey. 

5 Ideas to Teach Prepositions

1. Preposition Scavenger Hunt: Hide objects or images in the classroom and provide students with clues that use prepositions to find them. Or consider taking this activity outdoors. This interactive activity reinforces the spatial and relational aspects of prepositions.

2. Prepositions Take Flight: Have students create their "best" paper airplane. Then have students let their paper airplanes take flight and challenge them to use prepositions to accurately describe the landing spots of their aircraft. Of course, you know your students well, so set the expectations before take-off and let them know how many flights their planes need to take. 

3. Sing a Tune: Learning more than 50 prepositions can be daunting, but it is easier when set to a familiar tune. Consider singing a catchy preposition song with your students to help them remember these little words effortlessly. Click the image below if this is something you might want to try with your students.  

4. Prepositions in Poetry: There are different poetry formats that incorporate prepositions. Here is one example. Students choose a noun. Then students write at least 5 lines using prepositional phrases related to that noun. Encourage students to use a variety of prepositions to indicate location, direction, and time. This type of poem is adaptable to various subjects. Think character from a book, content area topic, holiday...the possibilities are open to the creative minds of your students. Showcase students' work on a bulletin board. 

5. Missing Prepositions: Create sentences with missing prepositions. Challenge students to find as many varied prepositions as possible to complete the sentence. For example: The dog was ____ the couch. What prepositions could work? (on, by, near, under) Students will see how these tiny words can change the whole meaning of the sentence.

Transform preposition learning into an exciting and memorable experience for your students. What activities have you done when teaching prepositions?

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