Summer Bloggin' ~ Week #3 FREEBIE

Welcome Back Wednesday. Today I am sharing a graphic organizer that can be used by students during and after reading. Not only do students have to identify character traits, they have to go back into the text to find the evidence.
Sometimes students will pick traits that they feel comfortable with, even if I give them a character list with some robust choices. So, depending on the readiness levels of my students, I may suggest a character trait or two that will challenge their thinking or make them look at the character through a certain lens.

Make the organizer interactive by projecting it onto a whiteboard. Have students go up to the board and complete the organizer. Other students then can see if they can add any new ideas. Just a different twist to make this a collaborative effort.

Don't forget to click on the image above to grab your FREEBIE and hop on back to The Teaching Tribune to see some other great resources.
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