Summer Bloggin': Worksheet Wednesday FREEBIE

Today I am linking up with The Teaching Tribune for Worksheet Wednesday. Here is an area worksheet that might work for your students. Sometimes a quick worksheet can be an effective formative assessment piece to help guide instruction or a practice sheet to foster math talk. Click on the image below to grab your FREEBIE!

In this freebie, there are four area tasks that are differentiated and increase with complexity. Each task asks students to find area. Choose those tasks that fit the readiness levels of your students. The first task asks students to find the area of tile used by Tim the Tiler. Bess the Bricklayer created some patios. Students need to find the area of each patio using math tools. Carl the Carpenter needs to find the area of irregular rooms. Finally Gracie the Gardener wants to create a nonrectangular garden. The purpose of these tasks is not just to find the answers and for students to say, "I'm done." Some of the tasks embed opportunities for math talk to help students talk the world of math. Check them out here.

Don't forget to visit The Teaching Tribune and see what other freebies other bloggers are offering today.
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