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Step "Write" into Narratives has a variety of activities and tools to use to support narrative writing in your classroom:
  • two seasonal narrative prompts
  • an emotion activity where students create a word bank to use in their narrative writing
  • a narrative organizer with a student version and a model for teacher think aloud
  • paragrids to use as a tool to help students monitor and assess writing for targeted goals
  • a narrative color code checklist
  • a narrative menu to use as independent work or to support narrative mini lessons
  • a self-evaluation tool to help students gauge needs and progress on Narrative Menu activities.

Capture the Bushels is an activity that helps students review and become more proficient at identifying factors and multiples of numbers while mixing in some strategy play. The goal of this activity is to capture the most bushels. How? The first player to place the fourth apple card into a bushel captures that bushel.

You can select the bushels and apple cards students will use based on their readiness levels. A multiplication chart and a divisibility rules chart are included to support learners.

Vocabulary anchor mats are included for students to review the following terms: factor, multiple, prime, and composite. Students can complete these anchor mats in small groups before this activity or independently as a formative assessment.

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