You Oughta Know About: A Blog Hop ~ Webcams

Have you used webcams in your classroom? Webcams are a way to bring the world into your classroom virtually.

Doing an animal study? How about bringing the animals into the classroom? Well, not literally. Students can take a trip to the zoo via computers. Some zoos have live cameras set up that allow students to view the animals. Check out some of these webcams. Note: Sometimes animals may be inactive.

Check out the Animal Cams at the San Diego Zoo. Click on the image below and pick your animal cam of choice: tiger, panda, koala, polar, ape, condor, and elephant.

Students can make observations and record their findings over several days. Varying the time of day when students observe the animals, they can draw conclusions and make generalizations about animal behaviors. Students can compare the type of habitats the animals live in. If students have access to the computers at home, they can observe the animals at home! Great school-home connection.

Here's an Observation Log Sheet you can use to get your students started. Click on the image to grab your copy. To begin, we would observe the animal as a class. Then I would model how to complete an observation entry with specific details.
This observation sheet comes from my Animal Research: Observation and Research Journal product.

Webcams can be used for other units of study as well. Learning about famous United States landmarks? Check out Earth Cam. Visit the Statue of Liberty. Or how about Mount Rushmore in South Dakota?

Hope might you incorporate the use of a webcam into your classroom? Visit some of the other blogs below to find some other helpful ideas and tips.

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