Spooktacular Halloween Activities

So glad you stopped by for a spell to join in on the fun! To begin with...check out this spooktacular fraction FREEBIE. Have students design ghosts with certain features while practicing multiplying a whole number by a fraction (4.NF.4). Click on the image to download your FREEBIE!


Looking for some monsterific activities?

Monster Mania can be used as part of a center, anchor activity, or whole group activity. Students do not have to complete all the activities. Teachers can differentiate according to students’ readiness levels and interests. Monster Mania is a perfect complement for October fun, but it can also be used whenever your students need monsterific activities.

Writing Task Cards: There are 6 writing task cards with a monster theme. The writing tasks are short writing pieces that can be further developed by students if time permits. Students can work independently or with a co-writer. The following types of writing are included: friendly letter poetry, quatrain, jingle, summary template, movie review, and recipe.

Roll-a-Cube and Booklet Roll-a-Cube is a way to engage students in reviewing 6 literacy/language skills and applying these skills to short tasks with a monster theme. Review target words found on the Roll-a-Cube using the Monster Anchor Mat included in this download. Copy and assemble the Roll-a-Cube and have an activity you can use in a writing center, during group work, or as a quick review during transitions. Have 5 minutes during the day to use Roll-a-Cube and have students generate ideas orally to review key skills!

Check out this product, MONSTER MANIA, for writing center activities and tasks.

Trick or Treat! Smell my feet. Give me something good to eat! Whooo doesn't like a tasty treat? What is your favorite candy? Does it make the list of Top 10 Halloween Candy  (Kidzworld 2022)?

1.   Kit Kat
2.   Reese's Peanut Butter Cups
3.   Smarties
4.   Starburst
5.   Nerds
6.   Twix
7.   Sour Patch Kids
8.   Whoppers
9.   Skittles
10. Tootsie Rolls

Bats all folks! 

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