Create Differentiated Objectives Using this Interactive Tool

Every student can learn just not on the same day or in the same way. ~George Evans

Here is a helpful way to generate differentiated objectives for students. The Differentiator by is an interactive tool with a bank of suggestions to create differentiated learning objectives using: Thinking Skills, Content, Resources, Products, and Groups.
This tool allows you to create objectives by differentiating...
  • Thinking Skills: Use different verbs from Bloom's Taxonomy.
  • Content: Focus on depth, complexity, imperatives (to increase student engagement), or key words. To bring in curricular content, you can click in the [click to edit] and type in curricular content.
  • Resources: Identify whether you want students to use print copies of resources or online resources.
  • Products: Choose products based on students learning styles: visual, construction (hands on), oral, multimedia, or written.
  • Groups: Decide if students will work independently, in partners, in triads, or groups of 4.
This tool can help when trying to ensure there are multiple entry points of learning for students of different readiness levels and different learning styles. The depth of the objective drives for deeper learning. It also is a springboard for a variety of ideas. How might this work with having students take a part in creating the way the learning of the objective will be demonstrated? Once the objective is created, it can be copied into other documents. 

When creating a differentiated lesson for students in any content area this tool might be helpful.

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