Engagement 3D Style

Looking for a way to engage students?! How about adding anaglyph 3D images into your lessons? Doing a study on planets? Embed some 3D images into the lesson. When you look at the image below, it looks like an ordinary image with some different coloration in spots.


So where is the 3D, you ask? How do you make it a 3D experience? Students will need paper 3D glasses. These glasses can be purchased online. You can shop around for reasonable prices. When students view the image above with 3D glasses, Earth "pops" out of the page. So cool!

Where do you find 3D images? You can search the Internet by typing: anaglyph images and videos. Anaglyph images can only be seen as 3D images if these glasses are worn.

If you create review games for students using PowerPoint, correct answers can be rewarded with 3D images. Pick a theme of images and hook students into reviewing. Students will work really hard to get correct answers in anticipation of the next 3D image that will pop up.
It is exciting! It is engaging! What are some strategies you use to engage students?

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