Fill the Bank ~ Summer Bloggin' Week 2 Wednesday

Happy Wednesday! Today I am sharing Fill the Bank. It is a worksheet that is open ended to allow for differentiation. Rather than having one right answer, it has multiple entry points for students with various readiness levels. Students can do the task multiple times and get different answers each time.

When completing this activity, it is helpful for some students to have the actual coins. I always try to incorporate CRA~concrete, representational, abstract in my lessons to help students develop a strong conceptual understanding. By placing the coins on the piggy bank, students are working with the concrete. Drawing, or consider stamping, coins allows students to show the representational value. Then when students are asked to write the amount of money on the line, that is the abstract. CRA in one worksheet!

Click on the image above and download three different worksheets you can print and use with your students. Don't forget to stop back at The Teaching Tribune and see what other gems you may find!

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