Summer Bloggin' ~ Two for Tuesday Wk #4 

Hope  you have been enjoying your summer so far. Thanks for stopping by today! Linking up with The Teaching Tribune for Two for Tuesday. These two items will be 50% today.

Hook your students into some writing with Here's the Scoop. Here’s the Scoop can be used as part of a center, as an anchor activity, as a whole group activity, or during small groups.  There are sjx writing task cards that focus on the theme of ice cream. The writing tasks are intended to be short writing pieces that can easily be further developed by students if time permits. Students can work independently or with a cowriter. The tasks are designed to tap into student creativity while reviewing different structures for writing.

In addition to the writing task cards, you will find my Roll-a-Cube activity. Six language skills can be found on the cube. Students roll the cube and complete the task. The randomness of the roll keeps students engaged. If you have five minutes before the next activity pull out the cube and roll it. See what ideas students can quickly generate. Or have students record their ideas on an index card as a quick formative assessment. A fun way to recycle skills that we want students to learn and apply!

Here's the Answer... What's the Question? does not necessarily focus on finding the one right answer, rather it asks students to generate “questions” that have a targeted answer. A different way of thinking for some students. This activity allows for multiple entry points of learning so students at different readiness levels can complete the task differently. As a result, students can see multiple representations of fractions.

There are two different sets of task cards. One set of task cards has fractions of a region, set, or unit of measure. The other set of task cards simply has fractions on them. Denominators include 2, 3, 4, 6, and 8. Depending on the readiness levels of students, different cards and different denominators can be used.

Use this activity as a bell ringer, anchor activity, math center activity, review, enrichment, or formative assessment. Make this activity fit the academic needs of your students.

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